Manuel Luque Regodon (Madrid, 15th May 2000) is a double bassist originally from Spain currently living in Maastricht (Netherlands). A young musician eager to learn, experience and make music, without borders and barriers, always seeking to see and live more. Coming from a small town in the sout-east of Madrid (Nuevo Baztan), where he first started playing guitar, he has always been curious about the world and its wonders. This led him to travel to the USA (Rochester, NY) in 2016, where he discovered jazz, playing in several local events and falling in love deeply with the music. Decided to expand his knowledge about music and to broaden his horizons, he moved to Maastricht (Netherlands) to study a Jazz Bachelor at the Maastricht Conservatorium in 2018.
There he has rapidly gotten involved in the local scene, gaining experience in different genres and set ups, always in the search of the best music he can achieve. This led him to the semifinals of the Maastricht Jazz Awards in 2019 with the MLM trio, to the finals of the Award in Innovation in Music in 2020 with Mario Calzada “Light suite”, where they won the audience award, or to be selected for the audience award in the 2021 Maastricht Jazz Awards with the band “Kontury”. Always looking to grow, he is currently working on several different projects, exploring the broad spectrum of music, looking to find his own voice in it. The beginning of an exciting journey that has only just started.