ML Quintet

The ML Quintet is a project made of Maastricht (NL) based musicians from different countries, born out of the need to explore jazz, expanding its boundaries and finding an own voice.
Led by the Spanish double bassist Manuel Luque, the band has become a space of discovery through their music, giving voice to their different influences to create a sound that could be described as daring, solid, moving and expressive.
With a traditional quintet setting (drums, piano, bass, trumpet and saxophone), and taking inspiration from contemporary jazz and traditional music from their home countries, they look to create music that stays close to their soul, bringing out their personal stories in each song, and creating a space for the listener to relax and enjoy the musical journey together.
A young group that finds in their music their motor to share ideas, feelings, experiences, moments and energy, improvising and playing together, creating powerful soundscapes with their performances, and bringing the music to a new dimension every time it is brought back to life.
A young group that shows a strong dedication to the music, and that is making way for themselves as the new generation of jazz musicians.

Manuel Luque

Double Bass

Bomin Seo


Seonghee Lee


Sondre Kvingedal


Henri Schappert