Honest, minimalistic, swingy, acoustic, dualistic – and most of all Jazz. These might be the first attributes one finds while listening to Nicola Missing (vocals) and Manuel Luque (double bass). They deliberately take old jazz tunes and translate them in a raw, intimate, engaging conversation between double bass and vocals, between walking bass and scat syllables – between rhythm and melody – between listener and artist.
In the beginning, the two musicians found themselves merely wanting to explore jazz together and were quickly intrigued by the idea to move Jazz songs in an acoustic and authentic setting – where two people talk with their instruments. Where the low frequencies of Manuel’s double bass build the foundation for Nicola’s clear, bright voice. Where, much like in a real conversation, timing, phrasing, listening, responding and empathizing with each other have to be in sink to make it reciprocal.
If there is one thing that this Duo can convince you of, it is that all an honest listener needs, is two eloquent people and something good to talk about. As their name suggests “Dualistic” offers both.

Manuel Luque

Double Bass

Nicola Missing