Manuel Luque

Double Bassist


Manuel Luque Regodón is a double bassist originally from Spain currently living in Barcelona.

A young musician eager to learn, experience and make music, without borders and
barriers, always seeking to see and live more.



ML Quartet is a band born from the need to explore original music and a personal sound.

Led by Manuel Luque (double bass), and accompanied by Biel Harper (piano), Lluís Pérez-Villegas (drums) and Cristopher Pérez (saxophone), the quartet explores original compositions, with influences from modern jazz, traditional  and improvised music.


“First step around the river” is our first recording together, after a few years looking for opportunities to
play with each other . We wanted to explore the bond that we share through music, where we find a
playful and especial way of connecting and trusting each other. Choosing original songs and some of our
favorite jazz standards as our playground, we looked to put our own voices into it, thinking of the
recording day as an opportunity to bring some new life to the music. As a result we came up with this
songs, both daring and friendly, to listen closely, relax and enjoy.


Honest, minimalistic, swingy, acoustic, dualistic – and most of all Jazz. These might be the first attributes one finds while listening to Nicola Missing (vocals) and Manuel Luque (double bass). They deliberately take old jazz tunes and translate them in a raw, intimate, engaging conversation between double bass and vocals, between walking bass and scat syllables – between rhythm and melody – between listener and artist.


Chimbet is a young group made up of passionate musicians who are committed to their own sound. Looking for the touch of Cuban music, but also with a well-differentiated jazzy character, like versions of standards, passed through their own creative filter and always keeping in mind the search for freshness in their compositions and a sound that identifies them.


The duo formed by Manuel Luque and Guillaume Coulbois was born from the need of these two musicians to explore music in an intimate format, guided by the small details, the fragility and space that music offers them.


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