Chimbet is a young group made up of passionate musicians who are committed to their own sound, and who are all starting their professional careers in Barcelona. Three people from Madrid and a canary who find themselves in a city full of cultural impulses and a lot of scene, both Jazz and other styles, and who come together in their appreciation and musical tastes.

The project is made up of both his own compositions, looking for the touch of Cuban music, but also with a well-differentiated jazz character, as well as standard versions, passed through his own creative filter and always keeping in mind the search for freshness in his compositions and a sound that identifies them. Chimbet’s influences include John Coltrane, Eddie Palmieri, Muñequitos de matanza, people from the current scene such as Miguel Zenón or Carlitos Sarduy, styles such as flamenco and timba also resonate in the heads of these musicians who form a gear between their personalities and ways of playing that make the group always go in the same direction.